Friday, October 9, 2009

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Sun's Warmth gathered his robes neatly as he sat before his aetherglass. Shaking back wide olive and moss colored sleeves, he took a moment to scratch at the base of his horns.

"Now. Let's see if I can't get this familiarized to me." he leaned forward to spread long fingers over the tilted glass. The size of a serving platter, encased in copper for better reception, it lay inert and black. The dragon's claws sounded soft clicks as they made contact with the dark glass.

Ripples spread from the contact points, as the copper frame started a humming like sleepy bees. The glass began to lighten and reveal a face. A hedgehog, with ribbons, beads and feathers bedecking her headspikes swam into view, her fingers barely visible around the rim of the glass.

"Atlantis Aetherweb Center-Oh!" She gasped as she recognized the face of the current Archancellor of Chaos College. "Lord Sun's Warmth! How may I direct your aethercall today?"

"Acacia Burdock, isn't it?" The hedgehog lass blushed and nodded readily. Sun's Warmth smiled at her, remembering. "You always had good questions in class, miss. I'm proud to see you helping with our communications. Never let anyone tell you it's an easy job. Every part helps the whole." chuckling at her renewed blushing, he clicked a long thumb against the glass.

"If I could have you post a transdimensional link, please. I need to transfer information to a dear friend of mine, a Miss Sandra Gordon."

"Of course, sir. Please hold while I connect you." Acacia closed her eyes and took a breath. Slowly the ribbons and feathers in her prickles began to stand on end. Sun's Warmth chewed his lip, as to not laugh at the sight and break her concentration. When she opened her eyes, her pupils were huge, her face calm.

"The line is open. Please don't hesitate to ask for further assistance, and enjoy the rest of your day." Acacia smiled warmly and raised her hands from the glass. Her face was replaced by two rectangular pictures, the top aswarm with words and pictures, the bottom frame with letters, numbers and punctuation marks set in an odd layout.

Nodding with satisfaction Sun's Warmth began to type, talons scratching slowly over the unfamiliar configuration.

"Dear Sandy;

I hope this missive finds you well. The weather continues fine. Atlantis currently holds steady over Albion and has since yesterday noon. I am doing well, as is everyone else here. Please find files attatched detailing their adventures...."

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